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Picket Fence Builder: Trevor Gee for quality picket fencing

The best first impression of your home is a great front fence and gates. Act Fast Fencing, specialist picket fence builder, offer great front fences that look good and last a very long time.

The purpose of building a front fence can be many and varied; security and adding an attractive timber structure to your front yard are the main two.

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Planning your picket fence

Building a front fence is a very personal and before you even start the process you should have a good idea of the look that you are expecting. I always recommend that you drive around your area and look at the huge variety of fences and take photos of the ones you like. This is a good starting point and will give us an idea of what you want and what we should be quoting on.

When building this front fence the most important part of the construction will come from your input in design and hopefully lead to a satisfying look that you will be happy with for the next 20 or 30 years.

Preparation for long lasting Picket fence

To achieve this longevity for your fence we recommend that all the materials get pre painted with 2 coats of oil based undercoat before construction begins. Usually this is done by us delivering the timber to your job site and you or a painter take on the task of pre painting all the materials. This process will assure you that the life of the fence is doubled and a better finish on the fence will be achieved. Once the materials have been pre painted Act Fast Fencing will come and install the fence before you do your final two top coats.

Timber Options for your fence

Act fast fencing will offer a range of different quality materials that you can choose from e.g. Treated Pine, Cypress Pine, Merbau or a quality Australian Hardwood such as Spotted Gum or any of the Queensland Hardwood that are very rot resistant and that will extend the life of the fence even further.

Picket Fence Design advice

Act fast fencing can guide you on what is the most appropriate fence for your house if you need some recommendations.

Picket fences are very intrinsic to Melbourne and there are so many designs, generally there will be something that suits your house.