Paling Fences Built to Last

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Act Fast Fencing pride ourselves on building a quality paling fence offering you great value for money.  We will discuss our range of paling fence options so you can make an informed choice of what is most suitable, durable and affordable.

If you are at the ‘just an idea of cost’ stage, then try our Online Paling Fence Estimate Calculator as a guide for budget planning. When ready, contact Act Fast Fencing for your detailed Free Onsite Fencing Quote.

Range of Paling Fence Options

  • Standard paling fence, 1.65 metres or 1.95 metres high.
  • Paling fence with thicker plinth 150x38mm, 1.65 metres or 1.95 metres high.
  • Paling fence with thicker plinth 200x50mm, 1.65 metres or 1.95 metres high.
  • Paling fence with 150×38 plinth and 125x125mm posts, 1.65 metres or 1.95 metres high.
  • Paling fence with 200x50mm plinth and 125x125mm posts, 1.7 metres or 2.0 metres high.
  • Acoustic Paling fence with thicker palings and adjusted design. Keep the noise out or contained.

Value Add | Upgrades for durability and longevity

Standard paling fences have 2 major weaknesses, the posts and the plinth board, the parts of the fence that touch the ground tend to rot away faster than the deterioration of the rest of the fence.  Within all quotes I offer 2 upgrades, which are larger posts and a thicker plinth (base of fence) board.

These days I come across standard posts and plinth that have failed within 10 years of the fence being built, but the top section of the fence is still in good condition if it has been constructed correctly. By upgrading the posts and plinth board you can double the life of the fence, which works out to be very good value for money.

Most importantly for stability of fence I always supply posts that are 300mm longer than standard so we can dig deeper holes which mean the posts are set much more solid.

Lastly a final upgrade that I offer is to screw rails and plinth in place to give a much stronger connection and much more stable fence that will not pull apart as timber shrinks over time.

All written quotes have a contractual section at the bottom that both you and your neighbour fill in, which means I bill the two parties separately.

All fences are guaranteed for 12 months after erection.